About Us
 About me..... I've spent the better part of the last 35 years riding, workin on and modifying motorcycles. When I'm not doin that I weld and fabricate metal. Done some paint and body work too among other things
I cranked up this site for a few reasons and yes the first one is to make a few dollars....... but the second and most important reason is that I just got sick and tired of paying ridiculously high prices for aftermarket products to modify my bike. Sooooooooo, I started makin 'em at home for myself and friends. Then one day the heavens opened and I found my way to a VTX website where I encountered a bunch of the best guys on the web. Before you know it a few of us went freelance and started our own website known as www.crapmods.com  Go check it out sometime. Posted a few pictures of the mods we were doin and started getting folks offering money if I'd do mods for them , next thing was me offering to do them for cheap and now this site. I have every intention of offering you quality parts and service at what I consider a very fair price. I could probably sit here and type this stuff for awhile longer but I'm gonna spare ya this time and just say.........thanks again for stoppin by and lookin around.
                                                                        Ride safe,             
                                                              Friends Links
HickCustom Machine Works....  http://www.home.earthlink.net/~hickmachine/Index.htm
bolt on and custom one off accessories for metric cruisers
VTX Resonators......   
custom built resonators
Mean City Cycles....  
custom seat modifications
Custom Dynamics......   
custom motorcycle lighting...... and accessories
Dublin Customs......
custom ground up builds, parts, accessories
directory of parts, accessories , forums etc. for the honda VTX
risers and handle bar adapters for Honda VTX
pepsX Products
bike stands and accessories
Peaceful Crusin Motorcycle Leathers
 hand crafted tank bibs,shock covers and other leather accessories
SPyKER airbox grills and stumbles LED systems